Jams and Toast.

Anonymous asked: Where in Cali do you live at?


Recently moved to Orange County. 

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Jams and Toast. turned 2 today!

Jams and Toast. turned 2 today!

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I am obsessed with this band right now. 


That voice.

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"Anime. I just don’t get it. I mean, if you want to help me get it, be my guest."
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And everyone who knows us knows…that we’re fine with this..we didn’t come from money. 

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"You’re from the 70’s. But I’m a 90’s bitch. I love it."
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"When I fall in love, I fall in love with myself. And I am looking to share that experience with that someone..that made me fall in love with myself. This is how a woman falls in love."
Eartha Kitt
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6 hours of sleep in 3 days. I feel absolutely miserable. Anyone know of a good way to get to sleep? I’m going crazy. 

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You were out of my league…at a distance I didn’t want to see. 

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Damn, I’ve been in a bit of metal mood huh? This album was so great. 

"When you lose small mind, you free your life."

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ALSO…This album kicked ass. Good times. I love you if you listened to this too in High School. And they wonder what happened to the kids of our generation? Well, with bands like Korn and System of a down..what did you expect…we started a riot! hahahha. Fuck that, I loved Korn. This album is amazeballs!!! Listen to it with your Mommy.

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My Favorite Shows (right now)

Downton Abbey (excellent writing, and I’ am always a sucker for a British Drama)

Breaking Bad ( I never thought in my life, I’d be siding with a meth maker, this show is f’n awesome. If you haven’t been watching it, we aren’t friends)

The Walking Dead ( It was never about the walkers, but the relationships you can build with strangers in a life threatening situation. It’s mad, it’s brilliant!)

Twin Peaks ( I just started watching this show yesterday. It is so damn weird, disturbing..and gave me a few nightmares last night. If you’re into David Lynch…if you’re into shows making your head hurt because you’re so freak’n confused but that is why you’re drawn to it…Watch it.)

Shows I broke up with….

The Office ( Just wasn’t the same since Michael left, maybe the stupid story lines were a little more tolerable and FUNNY when he was around to orchestrate. Sorry Guys, plus Jim and Pam have become that boring ass couple, I mean, Pam was always boring as hell…but now she’s ruined Jim. Oh well.)

Nurse Jackie ( Honestly, I’m just fucking tired of the hospital, I hate the hospital.)

Sorry, it just wasn’t working out. Sometimes, you gotta learn when to call it quits.  

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Who is your celeb look-a-like?

Yesterday, my friends and I were talking about how one of them looks like Kobe, but a short one hahaha. Then he told me I look like Mandy Moore, and everyone was like “OOoooh she does! If Mandy Moore was a bad bitch!”  I said, “So what, I’ve been told that before by random people. I like Mandy Moore..dickheads.”  Like duh, Tangled was a good movie. So who is your celeb look-a-like?

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